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Library Development


Reaching version 1.0.0 is the current focus, the first non-beta version will have API stability and have mirrored functions of each method in the EPANET Toolkit.

Also planned are helper classes and an object-oriented wrapper to allow simpler development of applications using the EPANET engine.

See the remaining task on the Version 1.0.0 Project.


epanet-js is split into two packages, the epanet-engine package which wraps the original C code in C++ and compiles it to JavaScript using Emscripten. And epanet-js is a TypeScript library which wraps over the generated module from Emscripten and manages memory allocation, error handling and returning of varaible.

Building epanet-engine

The first command yarn run build:dockerimage creates a docker container of Emscripten and the compiled OWA-EPANET source code, you can then run yarn run build to compile the C++ wrapper into Javascript.

cd packages/epanet-engine
yarn run build:dockerimage
yarn run build

Building epanet-js

You must first build epanet-engine before you can lint, test or build epanet-js.

cd packages/epanet-js
yarn run lint
yarn run test
yarn run build